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Superspray 1000L |  1500L |  2000L |  3000L

Superspray Standard

Superspray Tower

Tank SizeTypePump SizeFan SizeNosselsVolume (m ³ / h)Spray WidthSpray heightTractor HP
1000LStandard96l712mm6 + 623210 - 3065014m6m35
Standard130l815mm7 + 758864 - 6190818m8m50
1500LStandard96l712mm6 + 623210 - 3065014m6m50
Standard130l815mm7 + 758864 - 6190818m8m55
Standard130l913mm7 + 773682 - 8379820m9m65
Tower130l913mm9 + 973682 - 8379820m9m65
2000LStandard146l913mm7 + 773682 - 8379820m9m75
Tower146l913mm9 + 973682 - 8379820m9m75
3000LStandard146l913mm7 + 773682 - 8379820m9m85
Tower146l913mm9 + 973682 - 8379820m9m85


The SuperSpray range is built in co-operation with one of the world’s leading axial fan producers FIENI Srl. This co-operation allows the VanBreda trailed sprayer with the latest lightweight fan blade technology ensuring the accurate displacement of the correct doses of chemical product on your orchard. Custom designed bottom and top deflectors guide airflow for effective chemical targeting in the orchard.

The fan blade technology allows for:

  • Variable pitch curved fan
  • Higher air volume with lower airspeed
  • Improved chemical distribution
  • Better tree penetration and leaf coverage
  • Lower horsepower per fan size
  • 15% – 25% Fuel Saving
  • Low fan noise with reduced driver fatigue
  • Brass rollover nozzles

Standard Fan

The patented fan blade technology provides the smaller FIENI fan units with the most effective air distribution of all axial fan units. The FIENI blade design and lightweight material composite allows for the unit to disperse higher air columes at lpwer airspeed ensuring an effective chemical misting of the orchard tree from the bottom to the tree top. The FIENI fan allows for improved air displacement at lower noise, lower horsepower and lower fuel consumption.

Tower Fan

The tower shaped air diffuser allows the sprayer to aim the chemical spray at the plant in lowered orchard plantations. This ensures optimum chemical displacement on the vegetation and rduced dispersion. The special lightweight fan-blade design of the FIENI fan allows for improved displacement at lower noise, lower horsepower and lower fuel consumption.

Qualities of Softspray sprayer

  • World leading fan technology
  • Low volume at a fair airspeed
  • Less horsepower requirement
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Ultra-stong folded chassis
  • Heavy duty drawbar & trail hook
  • Adjustable axles
  • Riber Polyutherane tank
  • Fresh water tank
  • Rinsing tank with easy rinse system
  • EURO-GAP complaint

Strong tank mounting points

Vortex Agitator for effective mixing

Adjustable heavy-duty drawbar and collar

Freshwater and self-rinsing water tanks

Three-way regulator with pressure regulator

Fold away parking  jack