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Agricultural Spraying Pumps

VS223A – 20LT/min-20BAR
VS223B – 35LT/min-30BAR
VS224B – 45LT/min-40BAR
VS223I – 45LT/min-20BAR
VS223C – 55LT/min-40BAR
VS223E – 71LT/min-40BAR
VS223F – 96LT/min-40BAR
VS223J – 130LT/min-40BAR
VS223H – 145LT/min-50BAR
VS223J – 150LT/min-50BAR
APS166 – 166LT/min-50BAR
BPS300 – 300LT/min-20BAR

Agricultural Spraying Spare Parts

2 And 3 way Valves
Suction Filter Screens
Suction and Inline Filters
Spray Pump Assorted
Spray Fittings Assorted
Replacement Mist Blower Fans
Pressure Gauges
Nozzles and Accessories
Mini Mix Agitators and Hidro Mix Agitators
Line Filters
Jest Mix Agitator
Hight pressure Non-drip Roll Over Nozzles
High Pressure Control Valves
High-Pressure Control Valves For Boom and Orchard Sprayers
High and Low Pressure Spray Lancers
Fly Nuts Assorted
Electronic Control Units
Boom Control Valves

Fire Fighting Units

VS226B – 45LT/min-40BAR